SA TOUR COMING UP! Who’s going to a show?!

Who’s going to a show?!

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  1. professionalwhining answered: I AM! Got my ticket to see them in Venezuela. First time in my country! how awesome is that?
  2. giuzszi answered: I really want to
  3. s4nt answered: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD
  4. myheartisparamore answered: ME :D
  5. shutupandfly answered: I AM!!!!<3
  6. ericalovesparamore answered: i want to go, but i can’t because i live in the philippines..
  7. hforhayley answered: all
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  9. veroflor answered: me !!! in Caracas
  10. itsallbecauseofme answered: I am *-* And I’m so stoked about it [AAAA]
  11. weloveyouparamore answered: is there really going to be a sa tour i am so going
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    They are the new guys? TAKE THAT FAREWEL BROTHERS
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  14. gisselbanana answered: They aren’t coming to Mexico :( gahd.
  15. hana--kotoba answered: I’AM!
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  19. theplacewebothknow answered: me me me me *-*
  20. claire-mcevoy answered: I WISH! Come back to the UK soon please Paramore!
  21. nerdy-elisabet answered: I wish I could go but…i live in iceland so THEY just have to come to us !! :D
  22. uszioduzosid answered: Me!!!!!!!!! Belo Horizonte - Brazil. February 17th. PARTY ON!!!!
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  24. w-rldcitizen answered: I will o/ 19th feb
  25. heyjuze answered: meeee :)
  26. chablablau answered: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  27. kindatipsy answered: Me! \o/ São Paulo, February 20th
  28. endthisday answered: meeeee
  29. lelov answered: Eu vou!
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    Taylor and Justin York ^.^
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  32. cozydozer answered: There’s a show on my birthday that would be the best birthday gift ever, but I can’t go because I live in North America
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    Me! for sure! I already have my ticket! :D
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  35. janrita answered: me!!! i’m waiting for them here in Chile :D! i’m going to see them in less than a month…fuck yeah \o/
  36. foxlands answered: fuck yes
  37. doof-kuh answered: meeeee
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